ABOUT DogForce1


If we were to describe what makes us different in one word, it would be “RESULTS”. Now let us explain what we mean.  It is not unusual on a daily basis for us to get calls from people across the country that have had anywhere from 2 to 7 trainers come to their home and tell them that their dog is hopeless, unfixable or un- trainable. Those who do take on the training have no idea about the true nature of the species and try only old fashioned methods, that don’t work and leave owners feeling hopeless.  Owners many times have tried  the pet store trainings, all of the so called behaviorists, or other big well-known companies that come in and do the exact same things: sit ,stay ,come and not very well at that, and with this they are expecting to “fix” any behavior issues that the owner is struggling with. Of course this does nothing to help and only frustrates the owners and often makes the dogs much worse.

The real issue is that hiring a dog trainer is often thought of as hiring any other service helper, such as a plumber, or a car mechanic. People do their internet search, they ask their friends, they ask their vet and they basically shop around for the cheapest. This is because sadly they think that much like every mechanic can install a battery, and every plumber can unclog a drain, that every dog trainer or training company must be able to train a dog, right? WRONG!

Dog training is an art, a true gift and not everyone can do it effectively.  Yes, many can teach dogs how to sit, or stay, or come. We hear it all the time, “my dog can sit, come, stay and he is very obedient”. The question we ask to that is, “That is wonderful, but do they do it every time you request it of them, without fail?” and the answer is always “no, they do it ‘sometimes’ and many times they don’t do it with distractions”. So , then we ask the owners if knowing how to sit, come stay “sometimes” has helped with the behavior that they are calling about (aggression, anxiety, jumping, barking, marking, etc.) and the answer is always a resounding “NO!”.

So, just teaching a dog the basics, does not make anyone a dog trainer, or a behavior expert. That title is reserved for a select few who have earned that title through mastering all of the techniques that have been prove to be the most efficient, knowing which technique will work for which dog and which owner, knowing how to interact with the owners properly, taking on the role of the leader , teaching the owner how to become the alpha and what that really means, being able to read a dog and foreseeing a behavior even before it happens and translating and transferring all of this knowledge to the owners effectively so they understand.

Our teams of dog behavior experts, who we refer to as whisperers, are at the top of their profession in the dog training field. They have been schooled and are mentored by Richard Heinz, “The Miami Dog Whisperer” who is recognized as one of the 3 top dog authorities in the world.  These dog specialists are the elite of the dog training world and are able to use their talent to bring understanding to owners like you, who are desperately searching for answers and techniques that genuinely work.

So when asked what “really” makes us different, we can sincerely answer in one word, “RESULTS!”

Our goal for each dog we train is to achieve a balanced life as they live in the human world. Dogs are a unique species that we have adopted and frequently treat as members of the human race. This often makes the dogs we love unstable and their behavior becomes: aggressive, anxious, stressed, nervous, worried, sad, confused, scared, paranoid, or all of the above. As a company we strive to help humans understand the reality of this species, how they act, and react, think and need to be treated in order for true harmony to be achieved with their dogs.


We are true dog lovers. We want dogs to be happy, healthy and to enhance the owner’s life by just being part of it. We are masters in the art of dog psychology and dog behavior. We are a different kind of company because we don’t just train the dogs, we improve the lives of the humans that live with them and help everyone achieve a balanced relationship.  We have the most effective and innovative training techniques in the country and results that are achieved by our behavior experts are unmatched by any other training company, or individual dog trainer /behaviorist in the world.  Because our priority Is the client and their dog, we are rated number one in customer service and we are the experts when it comes to dog training. No problem is too big or too small and there has never been a dog we could not train. Each and every behavior expert in our company is working towards the same goal; to achieve a true understanding of the canine species, a real vision of the working relationship between owner and dog, and better trained, more balanced dogs that will bring joy to everyone they meet. We are “DogForce1” and our mission is to help you and achieve success for you and your dog.