His techniques really work!

I just watched the December videos of Richard Heinz, Miami’s dog Whisperer! Excellent production!! I hired him for assistance with my 4 dogs. I adopted a giant schnauzer and my standard schnauzer did not like the intrusion. It was a pretty ugly couple of weeks, but  Richard brought peace, calm and discipline to

Richard did an excellent job of training my pug Max

Richard did an excellent job of training my pug Max – he has a way of being gentle but at the same time firm to get your dog to behave. I recommend him for anyone who has a dog that needs training; young or old. A.J. Hernandez Pinecrest, FL

We are so happy with the immediate results

My Yorki-Poo,Pebbles, was a very hard headed little puppy.  Richard has worked miracles with her.  It seems that in minutes she can learn a new command or behavior with his training.  We are so happy with the immediate results and plan to continue our training as she is getting older. Jill Finkelstein Coconut Grove,

He is the master, I tell you.

I was like you, researching all dog training sites, skeptical that anyone could help me with my 2 crazy labs (Hershey and Molly) who already had 3 dog trainers in the past, and all gave up on them (and us) before training was over. Then I read an article in a local Miami magazine about

Reasonable and down to earth

I hope you can put this comment up on your web site. Richard, The Miami Dog Whisperer was the 6th trainer we had for our 2 dogs (yes the 6th!) and our last hope. Not to bad mouth the other trainers, but they all did the same thing, sit, stay, heel, etc. and

Richard is a true miracle man

It took me forever to decide to call Richard. I had heard about him from my friends, from my vet, and I had seen him on TV, but I still was skeptical since I had had 2 trainers before and neither of them with any kind of results. One day I was

You just get a good vibe from him

I had been searching for a trainer for a couple of weeks and I stopped after I met Richard. It was like and instant click.  You just get a good vibe from him.  He is soft spoken, never yells and the way the dogs respond to his commands is truly amazing!  He teaches us

Richard is an incredible trainer

I first discovered Richard Heinz when searching online for a local dog trainer.  I came across a series he had taped for the local news on dog training in December.  I knew after watching that I had to call.  I phoned and was able to speak to both he & his wife

Thankfully, I found Richard and he turned it all around

I thought I was ready to train my new dog, Hopps, on my own.  Before bringing her home from the shelter, I had read all of the books, watched all of the shows, and felt prepared.  Unfortunately, Hopps had other plans.  In less than two weeks of trying to train her, I was

He is fantastic and truly gifted

Richard has trained our 3 dogs and all of our friends and family’s dogs, as well. He is fantastic and truly gifted. It has been years since he trained our dogs and not only did he solve our issues right away, but we are happy to report that our dogs are still as