He is the master, I tell you.

I was like you, researching all dog training sites, skeptical that anyone could help me with my 2 crazy labs (Hershey and Molly) who already had 3 dog trainers in the past, and all gave up on them (and us) before training was over. Then I read an article in a local Miami magazine about this local company, by a founded local trainer, Richard Heinz, known also as The Miami Dog Whisperer”. The company and Richard  had gained national recognition, and is known to handle from the simplest cases of obedience, to the most
severe cases of aggression with enormous success.  Something about this company and the owner’s philosophy really struck a cord with my wife and I and we decided to give them a call.

My wife called the next day, and spoke to Mary, who was very helpful, and informative, you can see she knew what she was talking about and my wife liked her immediately and made an appointment for a FREE evaluation.

We had our first evaluation with Armando, the professional evaluator, who we immediately felt comfortable with,  a few days later and were impressed right from the moment he walked in at how our two crazy dogs reacted to him. First of all, they loved him, and were drawn to him, but all he did was look at them and they waited patiently so he could pet him and say hello where they usually jump on people knocking them over. They knew who the Alpha. The evaluation was great, and we felt totally confident that we had made
the right choice by contacting them. We of course hired them right then and there and were pleasantly surprised at how reasonable
the price for our program was.

Oscar was our personal whisperer/trainer and In the very first class, he had us walking them, together, which is a miracle all on it’s own, and heeling properly. No yanking, no hitting, no yelling, nothing, just simple walking!!!!

He is the master, I tell you. Every week we could not wait to see Oscar and learn something new, we were always excited at how well our dogs did during the week and were happy to share it with Oscar, who shared our happiness. We called him a few times to ask him questions and Mary was able to help us and when she could not, Oscar always called back with the right answers.

We were invited to join the group class on Saturdays and we happily went with our two dogs. There we met Richard Heinz himself, who was great and very hands on,  and some of the other whisperers/trainers. We were simply amazed at what we saw, and felt proud to be a part of this great program. We met some other dog owners such as ourselves, and they all had nothing but wonderful things to say.  We had a great time, and continue to go every week.

We are one class away from the end of our program, and although our dogs are amazing and we have already recommended everyone we see with a dog to call, we will miss Oscar terribly and can’t believe what a wonderful experience we have had with him and how much more we are now enjoying our dogs. You should give them  a call, and make an appointment, It will be the best decision you have ever made, for you and your dogs! I promise!

Dr. Alex Villanueva and Family
Coral Gables, FL

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