Reasonable and down to earth

I hope you can put this comment up on your web site. Richard, The Miami Dog Whisperer was the 6th trainer we had for our 2 dogs (yes the 6th!) and our last hope. Not to bad mouth the other trainers, but they all did the same thing, sit, stay, heel, etc. and expected to fix our agression and separation anxiety issue that we had since we brought our youngest (then 2 years old) into or home.

Richard walked though the doors and we could already feel the difference. I was skeptical, but he came highly recommended by a local shelter we called to drop off our youngest dog, because we thought and were told by the other 5 trainers, that he was hopeless!

Well, when Richard came in, the dogs immedietely gavitated to him. When he sat down with my wife and I and started to give us the run down of what was really going on with our dogs, and gave us the guarantee that we could fix this problem once and for all, my wife and I were skeptical but something in his manner, in the way he spoke, in the way the dogs reacted to him, made us believe.

We thought we were going to have to pay thousands of dollars, to get Richard to come himself, but were happily surprised at how reasonable and down to earth his prices are.

Well, it was the best money we ever spent and he doesn’t know this, but we would have paid triple, having known what we know now.

This guy is for real. He made a believer out of me and I can tell you that the results were almost immediete.

Our problem was fixed and this was 2 years ago. We still call Richard from time to time, to say hello, or just get some advice on something, or other. He is the nicest, most down to earth guy I have ever met. He is gifted and we will forever be grateful to him. ”

Juan and Mayra Betancourt
Pinecrest, FL.

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