Richard is a true miracle man

It took me forever to decide to call Richard. I had heard about him from my friends, from my vet, and I had seen him on TV, but I still was skeptical since I had had 2 trainers before and neither of them with any kind of results. One day I was at Whole Foods and what do you know, I saw Richard’s car parked there and I decided then and there to call his phone. He was in the store and I met him at the fruits and vegetable section. He was so nice and down to earth. He talked to me for a while and gave me some tips on what we could do with our dog. I made an appointment for that Monday and had him come to my home to meet my little terror.

5 weeks later my little terror has made a huge improvement. He is well behaved and acctually listens to my wife and I. He does not bite our kids any more and he no longer jumps at anything and everything that comes throgh the door.

Richard is a true miracle man! I am shocked at what  a difference he made right from the first visit. I never knew that this was possible. I’m truly a fan of Richard, and his methods and I now recommend him to everyone I see with a dog.

He has a gift and my family and I are so greatful to have been witness to it and to have had him worked with us and our dogs.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

George and Maggie Suarez
Pinecrest, FL.

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