Aggression vs. Protection


A common mistake made by dog owners is to encourage, or allow their dog to display aggressive behavior, because they have justified it by feeling that the dog is simply protecting them. This leads to the owner enabling their behavior, instead of helping it.  At DogForce1,  Aggression is our specialty and the cases we work on a daily basis go from simple to red zone (severe) . The owners are at their wits end and are to the point that the issues have progressed way beyond what they themselves can handle.

With aggression, the sooner there is intervention, the quicker the resolution of the issues!

With aggression, the sooner there is an intervention, the quicker the resolution of the issues. Therefore, don’t mistake the dog sitting on your lap and lunging at anyone who comes near you as protective instincts. This is a sure sign of aggressive behavior that will get worse if not worked on properly right away. A dog will protect you when you are in danger and helping your dog overcome aggression (no matter how big or small you feel the problem is), will not take away those natural instincts of devotion and protection to the owners. It will simply help the dog feel happier, more balanced and less afraid.

In fact, we at DogForce1 deal with all kinds of behavior issues not only aggression(human, dog, food, etc) but also, anxiety, from moderate to severe, stress, jumping, nipping, digging, barking, and the list goes on and on.

We fix what others can’t!

Our methods are fast, easy and most of all, effective so both dog & owner can live happier & most of all in harmony.

We are the South Florida Aggression and Behavior Modification Experts, and

(all dogs, all breeds, all cases, DogForce1 offer HOPE and real world solutions!)